Principal’s Message

Our Policy Of Education

Green City International School in Visakhapatnam is a haven for education, providing abundant opportunities for young minds to excel in various fields such as science and technology, humanities, politics, art, and more. Our mission is to offer exceptional infrastructure and instructional quality to instill moral and ethical values and provide a pleasant learning experience for our students.

Our Motto is:

  • To ignite the tender minds of young ones to have the beautiful dreams of life..*
  • To fill the children's confidence to bring their dreams into reality. .*
  • To inculcate boldness to face any challenge in every walk of one’s life.*
  • To let the children learn "how to learn".*

At Green City, we take our commitments to parents seriously by nurturing the natural abilities of each and every child. Our focus is to develop the innate abilities of the children. We are committed to instilling culture, civilization, and discipline to enhance their skills and prepare them for the future.

At Green City School, we take great pride in creating a conducive teaching and learning environment for our students. We strive to help every child reach their full potential and lead a fulfilling life. We believe that education is the key to unlocking their dreams and aspirations, and we strive to provide them with the best possible resources and guidance to achieve their goals.

Its our delight to provide a good teaching and learning environment that fosters the growth and development of our students at Green City School. Our dedicated faculty and staff work tirelessly to ensure that our students receive the best education possible, allowing them to excel in all aspects of their lives. We strive to make our school a place where children can thrive and reach their full potential.

Principal Green City EM School

Smt Susheela Vedula is serving as the Principal of Green City English Medium School for the last 8 years. She is a Post-Graduate in English from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, and also holds PGCTE and PGDTE from EFL University, Hyderabad. She is also having a Certificate in introducing the principles of assessment from University of Cambridge.


Smt Susheela is having an experience in teaching English language for the primary and secondary school students for more than 15 years in the CBSE school syllabus. She is also an Instructional Leader for X seed syllabus and also the Resource Person for CBSE, Chennai region and a freelancer resource person for Work Shops of English to various publications.