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Green CIty School stands out for, firstly, we prioritize flexibility in learning, allowing children to explore and develop at their own pace while nurturing their creativity. We actively follow up on their interest, providing an enriching learning experience. We provide excellent opportunities to develop skills and confidence. Allowing the children to use their own initiative.

  1. We offer a top-class education that is on par with the best institutions worldwide.
  2. The school's environment fosters hard work and the development of all aspects of one's personality.
  3. Green City School also offers a position in society that commands pride and respect, shaping students into responsible and respected individuals.

Campus features :

Green City offers a variety of exceptional features and facilities. We have fully equipped labs, library houses that have a vast collection of books, offering a wealth of knowledge and resources. A swimming pool, basketball court, table tennis facilities and shuttle courts. Additionally, our campus includes a dedicated football ground. To ensure convenience and safety, we offer a well-organized transportation facility for students.last but not least, our curriculum follows the CBSE syllabus, with the use of NCERT books, ensuring a comprehensive and standardized education for our students.

Experienced Faculty:

Our team of experienced and qualified teachers are dedicated and passionate in providing quality and scientific instructions, personalised attention and mentorship to our students. They bring a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective subjects and are committed to nurturing and laying the foundations of the future IITians.


We believe in a curriculum that includes all those studies, which are necessary for the all- round development of the body, mind and soul of the individual. The studies can be brought under the broad heads of academic activities and non-academic extracurricular activities.


The school has an extensive campus with infrastructure facilities at par with international standards.

Academic Facilities:

Spacious classrooms equipped with the latest multimedia IT systems, well equipped Science laboratories, Computer Lab, Mathematics & Language laboratory, Ideation Hall and Multipurpose Auditorium.

Sports & Ex-Curricular Facilities:

Sports programme supported with the latest methodology and training programme by qualified teaching & trained coaches. This is in line with our goal of promoting excellence in Academics, sports and co- curricular activities. The detailed list of facilities are provided below MUSIC & DANCE ROOM, YOGA HALL, MULTIPURPOSE AUDITORIUM, BADMINTON COURT, BASKETBALL COURT, SHUTTLE COURT, CRICKET GROUND , TABLE TENNIS.


The school is located inside Green City complex in a sprawling lush green environment, Visakhapatnam and is having a good communication network with the outside world. The city is well connected to major cities in India by Air, Rail and Road.


Application form can be obtained from the school office between 9 AM to 4 PM on any working day.


All the students from Grade 1 to Secondary class will be selected on the basis of personal interview and/or written test. The dates of the entrance test will be informed to the parents. Admission will be confirmed only after assessing the child’s performance in the written test and/or interaction with the school head. However, in the pre- primary section the children will be assessed only on the basis of interaction with the head as per the age criteria.


Pre-primary programme (3+ & 4+ years) junior kindergarten & senior kindergarten. Special self-contained environment carefully developed to meet the unique needs of children. Curriculum is designed to help the child develop Cognitive, Motor, Sensory, Language, Social and Learning skills.


Exploring the world and development of basic skills. Observing and experiencing things around. Development of language skills which include Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking, Reading and hand- writing skills.


Developing spirit of enquiry and understanding key concepts. Participating in all activities and nurturing individual talents. Encouraging the students to apply the knowledge in creating their own projects and allowing them to write Articles/Essays of their interest. Developing self-confidence, teamwork and decision making.


Appropriate and responsible use of technology to enhance opportunities for student’s analytical and logical thinking. Focusing on a challenging area of study is a great way for students to overcome hurdles and gain self-confidence. Extra- curricular activities to learn about managing time and discovering skills. Encouraging the students to apply their knowledge in creating their own projects and allowing them to write Articles/ Essays of their interest. Developing spirit of enquiry and understanding key concepts.

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